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Objectives for preschool in Sandy, UT

We've spent years learning about brain development and it's importance in preparing a child socially and academically. The brain has 2 sides, the left side and the right side. The left side of the brain controls fine motor skills, logical thinking, and behavior. The right side of the brain controls gross motor skills, social cues, and emotions. 

We implement exercises and activities to engage both sides of the brain every single day. A well balanced brain sets them up for success in learning and prepares them for Kindergarten. 

Amazing 3 year olds!!
Age 3 is when the left brain really kicks in. Kids become really curious and fascinated with their world. Let’s tap into that and help them explore the details of their world. Academics are not going to be our primary focus, instead we will concentrate on imaginative play and do lots of hands-on activities. They will be able to recite the alphabet, identify shapes and colors, and learn to count. This year will provide an opportunity for your child to develop social skills and prepare them for learning.


Wonderful 4 year olds!!
At 4 years old your child enters into a whole new phase of life and learning. Their imaginations are in full bloom. They are ready to digest new information. Cognitive skills are becoming easier for them and we are going to help them flourish. Your child will be able to recognize the letters in the alphabet and the sounds that they make, as well as write them. They will learn the basics of numbers, counting, shapes, colors, and the calendar. We will work on pencil grasp, scissors, glue, and paint skills and do lots of creative play. We will be doing lots of movement and sensory integration activities. This will help stimulate development in both sides of the brain. Emotional and intellectual development are equally essential to a happy and healthy childhood.


Students learn best using 3 senses; hearing, seeing, and touching. Knowing this, we will provide multiple forms of sensory opportunities every day.  

A few examples would include having Barnyard Baking every month where we will do hands-on baking and cooking activities, planting seeds for our garden, watching caterpillars turn into butterflies, and incorporating science experiments into our science lessons. 

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